Bethel Music's Jonathan and Melissa Helser Release the First of Their Three-Part Album Today

Jonathan and Melissa Helser

Bethel Music's Jonathan and Melissa Helser release their brand album The Land I'm Livin' -- Day One (Live) today. The album was recorded on the land in North Carolina where the Helsers have poured the last two decades into their greatest passion: cultivating community and discipleship. The album is broken up into three EPs. The first installment -- entitled Day One --- comprising of 5 new songs arrives today. Day 2 will be released on Feb 11, followed by Day 3 on April 3.

In approaching this album, Jonathan and Melissa wanted to capture the sound of the testimonies they've fought for on this land.  They decided to fill the room with alumni from their discipleship schools and worship alongside a company of musicians and friends who have journeyed with them for years.

Together, they left space within the music for the band to walk off the map of the written song and into what God was doing in the moment.  The outcome was powerful. Captured over three days, The Land I'm Livin' In is an album filled with the spontaneous, raw and personal moments of adoration that have marked the Helsers' worship since the beginning.

From the passionate surrender of  "I am Your Beloved" to the explosive joy found in "I Can't Get Away" and the confident declaration of "Sound Mind", this album is an authentic expression of what God has been doing in a community for more than twenty years. With over 2 hours of worship, this album was captured over three days and will be released in three parts.

Jonathan and Melissa Helser are worship leaders who have pursued a multi-generational vision to see the love of God transform the Earth. They are passionate lovers of Jesus and believers in people.  They love the global Church and getting to lead worship around the world. 

They are the founders of the Cageless Birds collective, a community of artisans based in North Carolina. The Cageless Birds craft songs, art, and handmade goods that carry the Gospel message through their excellence and beauty.

Jonathan and Melissa give the majority of their year to discipleship. They lead their discipleship school, The 18 Inch Journey, and host retreats and camps throughout the year. One of their strongest desires is to see the children of God walking in the fullness of their identities. They love empowering people to cultivate sustainable friendship with the Holy Spirit that will continue to serve them their whole lives.

Jonathan and Melissa have been a part of the Bethel Music Collective since 2014, bringing with them a rich history of passionate worship.



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