Phil J. Ministers to Those Struggling with "Be Alright"

Phil J.

Christian hip hop and R&B artist and songwriter Phil J. has released his brand new single "Be Alright." The song gives hope to those who are struggling. You can download/stream the song HERE.

Phil J. wrote the song after a period of pain and struggling. He writes, "Wrote this song after making it through some immense pain, only in the end to realize, everything will eventually be alright. Stay encouraged and share this joint with someone who needs to hear it!!"

 Phil J. is an Alabama native, born and raised in Mobile. His effactuation for music has always been strong and growing up in a household where good music was always being played inspired him musically at an early age. For a vast majority of his life, Phil J. has been playing drums, due to it being his primary instrument.  He's shared stages with artists such as The Roots, Jonathan McReynolds, FLAME, and V. Rose.

However, as time progressed, his interest in becoming an artist grew immensely. He's heavily inspired by the music his father played growing up from artists such as: Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Whispers, The Ohio Players, etc. That era of music heavily influenced his singing and how he creates harmonies throughout his music. Around 2005, he was introduced to Lecrae's music. He was in awe of the fact that there were great artist who created music centered around the Christian faith.  However, it wasn't until his life was radically changed by a song entitled, "Young" by Andy Mineo. After hearing this song, he was inspired greatly, to become an artist. 

In 2012, his strong interest in becoming an artist became a growing reality. He released his first mixtape, "The Sponsor" and garnered a good bit of attention. Every since then, his growth has become evident as an artist. With every project he's released since then, they've all had different sounds. Phil J. doesn't consider himself a rapper nor singer, but a culmination of both. He's been cultivating his style of music ever since 2012 and is confident he's found a sound no one else has.

He prides himself on taking risk when creating music, even if it's a complete curveball to his listeners, but that's what excites him the most. The process in creating different types of songs forces him to push the envelope as an artist, songwriter, and producer. The fruits of his labor have awarded him recently. He was just named a Rapzilla Freshman of 2017, always wanting to be a part of a freshman class. He's now  looking to bring a new sound to the industry.  

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