Britney Announces the Release of Her New Lingerie Line with Release Date Slated for September 8th

Britney Spears upcoming Intimate Collection

Britney Announces the Release of Her New Lingerie Line with Release Date Slated For September 8th

The 32 year old pop singer is preparing to launch her own lingerie label. According to various reports, the Toxic singer designed a collection for the CHANGE lingerie company which will debut in her name. The lineup is slated to premiere on September 8th and will appear on a special promotional event which is supposed to take place in New York. Britney Spears made her announcement on Instagram that she is going to be releasing the new underwear name, and which has been dubbed the 'The Intimate Collection'. In a bold marketing move she even posted a picture of herself donning her gear. She looks good to say the least.

In the snaps that were taken, she features with a black mesh paneled bra as well as high waist pants. The caption for the image read "Coming very soon... The Intimate Collection".  As the inner wear is primed to hit the American market on September 8th, the European market will wait for another two weeks till 26thfor their official local release. Social media was buzzing after the pic was posted with some predictable but nasty comments claiming Photoshop. Well, it may well be the case however, the point is that she does look good and if that photo s anything to go by, women will be clamoring for the underwear on the shelves, Photoshop or not for the simple pleasure of wearing inner wear designed by the Pop queen herself. In other news, Britney, who is not able to stay far away from drama, was in an incident that involved not paying for a measly $30 meal at 'The Cheesecake Factory'.

Apparently, she thought that her boyfriend, David Lucado had already taken care of the bill, but the rumor was that, she assumed, being a star, she did not have to pay for meals anyway. Anyway perhaps she deserves the benefit of the doubt. The lineup is set to include lounge wear like jersey camisoles and shorts as well as bustiers and kimonos. I speak for everyone when I say that we cannot wait to see what Britney will give us at the premiere.


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