Vineyard Worship Drops New Single "Breathe In, Sing Out"

Vineyard Worship

Vineyard Worship returns with the release of their brand new single "Breathe In, Sing Out" today. The song is also the title cut of their new Integrity Music EP, coming in April. The new single features next generation Vineyard worship leader, Kyle Howard ('Sons and Daughters'), along with newcomer Alexandria Faison. (Vineyard Soul).

"Breathe In, Sing Out"  is a declaration of hope for every Christian community, proclaiming the truth that the Lord our God is and has always been near. This song invites us to rest in the Lord's faithfulness and enjoy in His presence; with an anthemic resonance and a calm melody, 'Breathe In, Sing Out' is a beautifully balanced new offering from Vineyard Worship.

"Breathe in, sing out

Oh my soul, remember

You're here with us.

Recorded live at Anchour Studio in Lewiston, Maine, producers Karl Anderson, Joshua Ray, and Casey Corum join forces again for 'Breathe In, Sing Out' to carry on the legendary partnership between Vineyard Worship and Anchour Studio, which has delivered Vineyard favourites 'Eden,' 'Sons and Daughters,' 'You Meet Me Here,' 'You're Carrying Me' and more. 

Look for the full Breathe In, Sing Out EP out in April!




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