Bethel Church's Co-Senior Pastor Beni Johnson Has Trouble Breathing Amid Her Cancer Battle

Beni Johnson

Beni Johnson, who is co-senior pastor of Bethel Church with her husband Bill, is having problems breathing and sleeping as she battles cancer.  Beni first announced that she had breast cancer in 2018. After having several tumors removed from one of her breasts, it was discovered that Johnson had a mutation on her BR2 gene, which puts her at a high risk of developing breast, ovarian and other cancers. 

The church has launched a 24/7 prayer campaign for Beni. "As many of you already know, Beni Johnson has been on a health journey of overcoming cancer. We've been praying consistently, and she has experienced a measure of breakthrough. Now we feel led by the Lord to invite you, the local and global Church, to join us in contending for her full physical healing."

"Stand with us as we intentionally press in for victory for Beni, and sign up for a 15-minute prayer slot. Let's see prayer happen around the world-24 hours a day-during these coming weeks. Head to the link in our bio to sign up, and pray in faith that Beni will experience total victory!"

Bethel Church is encouraging Christians to:

"Pray that Beni will be able to sleep deeply.

"Pray for consistency and strength in Beni's breathing.

"Thank the Lord for the doctors, medical teams, and others working with Beni, and pray for continued wisdom, grace, and creative solutions.

"Pray that her DNA aligns with God's order - that cancer leaves every cell of her body.

"Pray for strength and a hedge of protection (Job 1:10) around the entire Johnson family.

"Raise the shield of faith (Eph. 6:16) that would extinguish all attack from the enemy and that no weapon of the enemy would prosper against her or her family (Is. 54:17).

"Pray for courage and grace for Bill, their children, and their extended family.

"Pray into Beni's future concerning the things that are on her heart to see and accomplish."

When Beni first discovered about her cancer in 2018, she said the diagnosis "shocked" her. "When this all began in March and I walked out of the doctor's office shocked. I asked Jesus, 'what do I do now?' I heard Jesus tell me, 'just love me'. I said, 'I can do this'. There has been so much peace and at times those decisions that have to be made the peace has helped me navigate through," Johnson revealed in a series of Facebook posts at the time.

The church's website allows users to pick a timeslot to pray for Johnson over the next three weeks. 

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