The Old Paths Offer An Exclusive & In-Depth Discussion on their New Album "Music to Your Ears"

Old Paths

Southern Gospel music's The Old Paths return with their new full-length release for Sonlite Records, Music To Your Ears,  which be released on March 18. The new record will feature their latest radio singles: the country-flavored, "How Good The Good News Feels" and contemporary fan favorite, "Every Story Whispers His Name." 

Pre-order, add or save Music To Your Ears HERE.  

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on your new album "Music to Your Ears." I must say that it is a very diverse album with covers from David Crowder to Big & Rich to Johnny Cash. What do you look out for whenever you choose songs to record? 

We Chose songs that speak to us as well as others while showcasing each individual talent. Since we are a quartet made up of 4 different personalities. We believe the Gospel is for everyone!

Q: Talk to us about your latest single, which I think, is David Crowder's "Good God Almighty." Why did you choose to record this song? 

We knew it was a song we could make our own. With not only a great hook, it has a relevant message for the church of our day.

Q: Not many Christian artists will think of Big & Rich when they think of doing a cover. Why did you choose to record their "That's Why I Pray"? 

We now have a dirt track racing team and will be performing at several races each year. We wanted a song that reaches every day americans. Our goal is not only to minister to the church, but reach the lost. We saw John Rich perform on Fox News at the beginning of the pandemic and knew we had to do it.

Q: Talk to us about about a couple of the original songs. What can we be expecting about these newly written songs?  

The title track "Music To Your Ears" written by Rodney Griffin and Joseph Habedank, featured our lead singer Tim Rackley. He knew the song fit his voice, but also spoke his heart. It's a unique song for us. We have never recorded one quite like it. It has a very Carpenter(ish) feel.

Another unique song is 'Let the Rain Wash Your Troubles Away". It has a Caribbean feel to it, Which we had a lot of fun with. It has a great, positive message and our bass singer Dan killed it on this song.

Q: What was it like working with Roger Talley as your producer? What do you think he brings to the album which you appreciate? 

We loved working with Roger! He was absolutely incredible.His years of being on the road has given him the ability of knowing what not only works for an album, but also what works in a live setting.

Q: How do you hope this new album will speak to the lives of your listeners?  

Our hope is that this album will inspire, encourage and bring alive the gospel of Christ through our music. 

Q: What does the rest of 2022 look like for you? More touring?  

We have a lot of things lined up for the rest of this year! From Lucas Oil Series Races, Memphis Quartet Show, The Ark Encounter, NQC and so many more. Check our schedule at

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