Stace Fauske's Brand New Song "A Better Way" Reminds of the Power of God

Stace Fauske

Christian singer and songwriter Stace Fauske releases his brand new single "A Better Way." This song will have both strong believers and the most worn-down non-believer thinking about the power of God and how He can help them in the midst of their struggle. With an uplifting message, a catchy hook and an anthemic melody & beat, you'll be bopping your head, believing that there's "A Better Way"!

Fauske creates pop and alternative Christian music with an uplifting & positive message. There are a wide range of influences heard in his music, from artists such as Third Day, Casting Crowns & Zach Williams to Willie Nelson to The Red Hot Chili Peppers & Metallica.

Like he says, he's "flawed" - but also made perfect by Christ.  A different person now than what he was in his rebellious younger years, he will come straight out and admit it... "I have not lived the perfect life."  But that is also his testimony to the power of God, that Christ can take flawed people, redeem them, and make them perfect.  Christ will remove sins from people as far as the east is from the west, completely gone.

And as the encouragement pouring from his songs will hopefully show you: GOD CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU TOO!

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