New Life Worship Are Back with "Over It All" their First Album in 7 Years

New Life Worship

New Life Worship releases their new awaited live album Over It All. After twenty years of worship ministry and seven years since their last record, living out God's sovereignty in times of uncertainty, the Colorado-based worship team are back with an album that exudes Spirit-fuelled energy, joy and fresh surrender to the Lord. Worship is in the bones of New Life Church and the sound of Over It All carries a sense of fresh hope and holy defiance.

Birthed from the heart of their community, these songs embody what New Life Worship and their church are all about: a people on mission together to see disciples made and hearts healed. Lovers of God and his life changing presence. Carriers of thoughtfulness and authenticity. The live recording captures the vibrancy of their faith and fills the album with presence - not only of our God Himself, but also of the thousands of voices singing to Him.

With Over It All, New Life Worship invite the listener to join with the unshakeable Kingdom of God where each voice brings their song of praise and loneliness is a distant memory. The album is marked by a prophetic edge running throughout, declaring truth, hope and light in the face of our cultural moment.

Worship leader Jon Egan notes, "Worship is response based on revelation and choice based on conviction," which resonates through each song, from the jubilant album opener and focus track "There Is A Savior" to more meditative titles such as "Gloria Patri." New Life Worship's hope for Over It All is that it would sound like the Church: `If it's big sounding, it's because we are bursting to describe God's holiness. If it's aggressive, it's because we are interceding with all we are. If it's sweet, it's because there is nothing like His presence,'"Jon adds.

The praises of God have carried His people for thousands of years, and it is the glorious future that this album reminds us of. New Life Worship minister life over those in darkness and turmoil, imagination and wonder over souls and mostly, they exalt the Name who is truly over it all! 

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