McKamey Legacy Continues the Legacy with New Album

McKamey Legacy

McKamey Legacy will continue the legacy of Southern Gospel music's The McKameys. After 39 years of full-time touring, The McKameys. retired in 2019. After much prayer, group members Connie Fortner (Ruben and Peg's daughter), her husband, Roger Fortner and their son, Elijah Fortner felt the call from God to continue the legacy of their family and they began traveling and singing again in 2021 as McKamey Legacy.  

McKamey Legacy will release their debut self-titled album on May 27th. The album is preceded by the first single,"Still," a brand new song written by Sheyl Farris.To those familiar with The McKameys, McKamey Legacy's simple, sturdy arrangements will sound immediately familiar - as they should, given the many years that Roger and Eli, who are responsible for most of the instrumental work here, spent with the group.

Once again, though, a deeper listen reveals that the classic sound is being tastefully and reverently updated for modern ears, with subtle touches that underline McKamey Legacy's determination to go beyond easy recapitulation. From start to finish, McKamey Legacy is a project that wraps its timeless gospel messages in a powerful blend of old and new.  

"We are so excited about the release of our first project," the group enthuses. "This project has a blend of old McKamey favorites, as well as a few new songs that have never been recorded before. We hope and pray that each song on this project brings comfort, peace and hope to each and everyone who listens to it, and we pray that every part of it brings glory to God, for He is the one who put this 'legacy' together."

The group will be touring on a part-time basis, performing songs that were loved and most requested from their McKamey days as well as some new songs that fit their message. Sharing the Gospel in song to a lost world and sharing the message of hope to discouraged Christians is their goal, following God in everything that they do and bringing Glory to God in all things done by them. 

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