Dr. David Jeremiah Offers an Eye-Opening Account of What Will Happen After the Rapture

David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah, the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and host of radio and television broadcast, Turning Point, will be releasing  his new book After the Rapture on June 7. This brand-new, first-of-its-kind evangelism tool from Dr. Jeremiah is a non-fiction, pure-description straight from Scripture about what life will be like after the Rapture!

This timely volume presents both the perfect primer for you on this critical prophetic event and the ideal witnessing tool to share with unsaved loved ones.

Jeremiah writes, "I never thought I'd write a book like this before... a completely non-fiction description of what the Bible says will happen after Christ's return. But there is a clear purpose: To open eyes. To provoke thought. And - I pray - to be the loving push someone you love needs to take a step toward Jesus before the Rapture." 

After the Rapture presents the perfect primer for you on this critical prophetic event, the ideal witnessing tool for unsaved loved ones, and a resource of biblical direction for those seeking answers in the future. Inside this paperback volume you'll find:

  • A detailed look at what the Rapture is, how it happens, and what happens afterward.
  • Eye-opening sections on the Rapture, Judgment Day, and the Great Tribulation.
  • The information you need to clear up your own confusion and prepare for Christ's return.
  • A unique, compelling way to share Jesus with those in danger of being left behind.
  • Valuable questions and answers, Scripture verses, life application, and more!

This is NOT a work of fiction. In these pages, you won't find speculation . . . but rather a pure and detailed description straight from Scripture about what life will be like After the Rapture.



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