Jodi Essex Reveals Why She is "Fearless" with New EP

Jodi Essex

Christian-Rock Artist Jodi Essex is back. Essex will be releasing her new six-track EP, Fearless, on July 8. The EP is a call to build the Kingdom with the strength of a warrior. Having survived cancer at 25, Essex's courageous perspective on life is powered by an innate sense of mission and belief all people have immeasurable worth. In the face of turbulence and adversity, especially when it comes to sharing the Gospel, Fearless is about learning to fear less, conquering fear with unshakable faith.

"We are encouragers called to serve," Essex declares, "regardless of what that looks like in our respective lives. We must be bold and fearless in our leadership, proclaiming the unrelenting and powerful sway of our Almighty." 

She goes on to ask, "When did Jesus shy away from doing what must be done?!?!"

Through an inspired collaboration with Artist/Producer Josiah Prince of Disciple, Jodi Essex's EP was co-written at Prince's renowned studio, "The Ranch," in Nashville, TN. With a process Essex describes as having "an easy ebb and flow," Prince has raised the bar with respect to her rock-infused sound; the EP also features creative collaborations with Mix Engineer Matthew Arcaini, Sam Moses of Moses Mastering, PR with The Marketing Mixtape and Endeavor for Content Creation.

As Essex went into the studio for this music project, there was a desire for transparency to answer age-old questions about how to stave off fear. Woven throughout all six songs are themes of fearlessness from previously-released singles "Offend," about speaking one's beliefs boldly, to "Unravel," peeling back layers of vulnerability in God's presence. In addition to the title track, "Fearless" includes "Lean," encouraging listeners to boundlessly lean into God during struggles while also resisting the chaotic flow of culture, "Bandaid" about embracing instantaneous tenacity and "Shine," a reggae-rock track about exuding the inextinguishable light from within.

Jodi Essex's music has caught the attention of industry gatekeepers and listening audiences alike. In Fearless, the relentless six-track series continues Essex's unapologetic proclamation of the Gospel. Her debut album released Summer 2020, Irreverent, instantly resonated with listeners as featured tracks rose into top-20 ranking. Essex's music has been celebrated by outlets including NewReleaseToday, CCM Magazine, JesusFreakHideout and Worship Leader Magazine who gave it rave reviews.

In addition, Essex's debut album quickly racked up over 70k streams on Spotify, where its songs landed on several prominent playlists, including "New Music Friday Christian." With the album release for Irreverent, Essex took to the [cyber] stage with a livestream performance, proving her ability to bring ground-breaking messages to life in person. 

No matter what walls may exist in her listeners' lives, Fearless was created to help them tear it down with the profound might of a living, breathing relationship with Jesus Christ. "In turn," Essex offers, "the same can afford us the opportunity to build ourselves back up stronger and more fearless than we could ever imagine." 

Don't miss the single and video release for "Fearless" on June 24th, 2022 and full EP July 8th, 2022 as you await what's up next for Jodi Essex, including a CCM Magazine Cafe performance early July. From there, the future is both fearless and bright as she is building her repertoire with another EP, hoping to produce a multi-artist concert to benefit Ukraine Refugees and moving forward with plans for an exclusive tour experience led by female artists.



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