Baylor Wilson Reveals Her Heart Behind "Pharisee"

Baylor Wilson

Singer and songwriter Baylor Wilson returns with her new single "Pharisee." Co-written by Finding Favor, Carter Frodge and Wilson, the song speaks about our need to be authentic before our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wilson writes, "I didn't know what a "Pharisee" was 4 years ago when I was just waking up to the reality of the gospel... but the pendulum swung from me being a worldly professing "Christian" to a knowledgeable Pharisee real quick... The Lord is so good to convict and rebuke and correct or else I would've never noticed... and we need to know our spiritual reality, every day.:

"I encourage you to ask the Lord where you're at these days... are you awake? Are you asleep in the Spirit? Were you awake but the world has lulled you back to sleep? Do you spend your time studying a verse or two without entering into relationship with the Word Himself? Do you worship Jesus or songs about Jesus? Do you look down on signs, miracles, and wonders because you don't understand them?

"Jesus is worthy of our repentance and laying everything we think we know DOWN so we can actually get to know Eternal Life, Himself!!! God, have Your way with this song and with my little voice."

At 26, Wilson has already lived a life most people only dream about - excelling at competitive cheerleading, starring in Season 29 of CBS's Survivor, scoring a country music publishing deal - all before graduating from college. But according to Baylor, these life-making moments were just a precursor to the abundant life she found when she met Jesus. When asked what exactly happened that prompted her to start writing songs about Jesus, she joyfully exclaims, "Jesus happened." It's not a bumper sticker platitude. Baylor's over-the-top joy for the Lord radiates from deep within, spilling over onto everyone she meets. 

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