Davy Flowers Opens Up About Her New Album, Working with Shane Barnard and Bryan Fowler, and More

Davy Flowers

Dallas-based singer/songwriter and worship leader Davy Flowers is celebrating two major milestones this week with the release of her full-length debut, I Was Loved, as well as the success of the record-breaking "The Kingdom Tour," which currently ranks as one of Pollstar's Live 75 top outings. 
Flowers' highly anticipated debut from The Worship Initiative, I Was Loved was produced by Shane Barnard (Shane & Shane) with two tracks produced by Bryan Fowler (TobyMac). A worshipful pop collection exuding intimate joyfulness, I Was Loved includes songwriting contributions from such names as Mia Fieldes, Sarah Reeves and Lindy Conant, among others. 

Featuring 12 tracks-11 of which were co-penned by Flowers-the album opens with "You," an earnest proclamation of Christ's sufficiency, and is highlighted by such selections as the debut single and title-cut, an autobiographical piano-driven ballad; and "Oh, But God," a jubilant anthem celebrating His grace.  

Q: Davy, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: tell us a little about yourself and your current ministry.

I am originally from Houston, Texas. I came to radical faith in Christ as a teenager and shortly after surrendered my heart and life to Him and began to grow in spiritual formation and discipleship. I also started leading worship and connecting with the Lord through songwriting. From my earliest days as a believer, I've had an overwhelming desire to serve the Lord in ministry and lay my life down for the sake of the Gospel, and I have had the privilege of serving in vocational ministry for the past 13 years in various communities- from parachurch/missional organizations to being on a local church staff. I currently live in Dallas where I am a Resident Artist at The Worship Initiative. I continue to serve the body of Christ leading worship and writing and recording bible saturated, Christ-centered and Spirit-led music with the hopes of using my gifts to inspire devotion and affection for Jesus within the hearts of His people!

Q: What is Worship Initiative about? How did you become involved with them?

The Worship Initiative was started about eight years ago by Shane and Shane as an online equipping resource for worship leaders and local churches, providing everything from instrument-specific lessons and tutorials, to chord charts and set planning tools. In the last few years, it has grown into a thriving community of worship leaders, songwriters and creators who are seeking to equip the Church with music that is artistically inspiring and scripturally sound.

I have been friends with Shane Barnard for several years. I began partnering with The Worship Initiative and featuring on different projects as a "friend of the family" back in 2015, and that sense of like-minded and like-hearted kinship and community has only grown since. They ended up bringing me to Dallas to jump in fully into what the Lord is building here. It's been such a glorious journey. I feel the Lord has called me to be with people who are just as passionate about exalting Jesus, keeping the first things first and equipping the Church has been the greatest gift!

Q:  How would you describe your style of worship music?

I would describe my style as soulful, jubilant and intimate worship. I don't feel like I fit perfectly within any one genre, even within Christian music, because I have been influenced by a little bit of everything. Sonically, there are moments that feel really CCM and straightforward, and then there are moments that are a little edgier and more soulful. What I know for sure is that regardless of the musical sound or style of a specific song, what comes through the most in every one of my songs is a raw and authentic vulnerability-a window into the intimate conversations that I have with the Lord day in and day out.

Q:  I believe Shane Barnard and Bryan Fowler produced your new album. What was it like working for them?

Shane produced most of the record and Bryan produced one track, as well as one that will be released as a single-both of which he co-wrote with me ("Never Stop" and "Oh, But God"). Working with Shane was an absolute blast because he is a good friend and someone I trust completely. He was able to pull all the best things out of me because he knows me and believes in what I am capable of. I felt seen, heard and valued every step of the way.

Working with Bryan was amazing because he is a legend at what he does, but he also has the most tender and genuine heart for God and passion for God's Word and the Gospel. I think it's rare to come across people who are as talented and successful as Bryan is, and who are also spilling over with a contagious and compelling passion for Jesus. That has been really refreshing!

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

Getting to work side by side with Shane Barnard was a huge highlight for me. There is just so much about his character and conviction that I seek to imitate as a disciple of Jesus, as well as a creative/songwriter/worship leader. I have learned so much about what it looks like to love and honor the Lord-and all the people around me-faithfully in the process, and how to be prayerful and yielded to the Spirit every step of the way.

I have also loved the amount of ownership and autonomy I have been given as an artist. I was allowed to take the lead on everything when it came to the creative vision for this project. I had a ton of support where I needed it, but I was also given a lot of space to explore and create something that felt completely authentic to me.

Q: Tell us more about the song "I Was Loved."

"I Was Loved" is my testimony in a song. If there was to be a banner waved over my story, or a statement that would define my life when it's all said and done, it's that I have been loved by God and I could spend a lifetime recording the proof.

When I look back over my years and survey my history with God, one thing that just cannot be denied is that God has loved me in infinite ways through every season of my life. I haven't perfected this whole trusting God and walking with Jesus thing-it's been very messy and chaotic, and there has been failure and brokenness. I have been slow to grow and mature in some seasons, and resistant to the lessons that God has tried to teach me, but nonetheless, His hold on me has been so much tighter than my hold on Him.

He has proven time and time again that He is in it for the long haul, He hasn't gone anywhere and He's not going anywhere. When I am tempted to doubt, I can look to the cross of Christ. The most extravagant proof of His commitment is the Son of God bleeding out on a sinners' cross for me. My favorite part of the song is the pre-chorus which says, "at the end of my life/when they ask me why I was different/I will testify with all my might/that I was loved/Jesus was enough/I put my trust in an old rugged cross that tells me I am loved."

Q: How do you hope this record will encourage your listeners in their walk with God?

My prayer for people who hear this record is that they would be deeply encouraged by the reminder that God's affection for and commitment to His people is unyielding, unchanging and unrelenting, and His presence with us is sure. Whether we find ourselves in seasons of trial or triumph; whether we have questions that go unanswered, or seasons of uncertainty where we struggle to fully believe the truth of what God's word tells us about who He is and what He is doing- He is not going anywhere, and He has set His affection on us and determined before the foundation of the world that we belong to Him. That belonging is solely because of His grace; it is not attached to merit or performance. Our position in the family of God has been purchased and sealed by the sacrifice of Christ, who alone is worthy of our wholehearted worship and abandoned obedience. I pray that the heart of every listener would be both strengthened and encouraged to persevere in pursuing Jesus, even with all the questions and tensions they are navigating. 

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