Everett McBee's "Stronger" Recounts His Own Testimony

Everett McBee

Dr. Everett McBee, senior pastor of 360 Worship Center, and founder of Life Changing Ministries World Wide is back with his new single. "Stronger" is written by McBee and Keenan Smith.  McBee, Smith, Robert Lance Lucas, and Darryl "DJ" Pruitt produced the empowering praise anthem.   

"`Stronger' is my personal testimony, but it resonates with so many others because it's their testimony after overcoming obstacles,"  says McBee.  

"`Stronger' is an anthem of awareness that strength exists at the end of my personal trials. Looking back on the tests and trials I endured, I realized that instead of becoming weak, I had become STRONGER!" 

Through songs like "Stronger" and his preaching, McBee has a unique way of hearing and expressing wise words from God.  McBee received his Doctor of Ministry degree in pastoral leadership from DOMA Christian Leadership University.  He provides spiritual support and pastoral leadership to many across the globe.  He is the creator and host of Worship 360, a yearly conference that focuses on bringing worship back to God.

McBee is also a published author of two books. MEISMS: My Intimate Spiritual Meditations is a journey through proverbial quotes from over a portion of the years he has been in ministry.  PRAYER FLOW is a collection of prayers, confessions, and declarations captured during 5:30am prayer calls that he and his wife have hosted for over ten years. 

"Stronger" is available on iTunes and Apple Music now.  

You can follow and connect with Dr. McBee at  

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