Ty Brasel: From Substance Abuse & Crime to Singing about God's Goodness

Ty Brasel

Ty Brasel has just released his brand new single "Set It Off." The track is taken from his upcoming new album TRANSCENDENT.  "Set It Off," which speaks of the goodness God brings depite our pain, is Ty's testimony in song, 

As a teenager Ty chose a path that led him down a road of substance abuse and crime. After an encounter with God following his senior year of high school, Ty decided to change his ways and began a new spiritual journey. He enrolled in college at Ole Miss and started a hip-hop group with a friend. However, once in college some of those same demons began to present them self again, and Ty was arrested four times during his freshman year.

At this point Ty had a choice to make in his life and chose to drop out of school during his third semester to focus his energy on music. With no money and no real plan Ty went home and used his struggles as motivation when creating his music. Ty's songs are often aimed at people in the down cycles of life, and in his lyrics, the theme of overcoming life struggles and personal demons is ever present. The notion that while there may be storms within, peace and hope are attainable. Such a hope is the theme of his new song.

Seconds from seeing death win
Second chances just sets in, yeah
I got a second wind
'Fore I die, I gotta make a impact
Owe it to God, I got a sick past
I feel like Ye when the whip crashed
Made it through the wire, now when I look back
Out of the dirt was crystals
I saw the light, it's blissful
I made it out of the pitfall
Now I gotta set this thing off 

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