Dr. James Dobson Responds to President Biden's Executive Order to Expand Access to Abortion

James Dobson

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to expand access to abortion in response to several states banning the controversial procedure after the United States Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision.

In an executive order released Friday, Biden said his administration was "taking action to protect healthcare service delivery and promote access to critical reproductive healthcare services, including abortion."

To which, Dr. James Dobson, elebrated psychologist, Christian leader, and founder and president of the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute (JDFI), has this to say in response:  

"This morning, President Biden signed an executive order promoting abortion. Every provision in the order seeks to ensure that as many abortions as possible occur in America, even after the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

"While he positions this as an effort toward 'protecting the reproductive rights of women,' this is nothing less than an attempt to proliferate murder of our most vulnerable children.

"The executive order promotes 'emergency contraception,' which is the so-called 'morning after pill,' as well as 'medication abortions,' which present great risk to women.

"Another provision promises added security for abortion clinics, but does nothing to protect crisis pregnancy centers currently being attacked across America by pro-abortion extremists.

"It is both tragic and infuriating to see at the highest level of our government such an obsession with continuing to destroy innocent children in the womb. The President further stated that 'ultimately, Congress is going to have to act to codify Roe into federal law,' and encouraged pro-choice voters to go to the polls in November. For those who love our unborn children, we must continue to let our voices be heard, and most certainly this equates to voting in a manner that promotes the sanctity of human life-from conception to natural death."



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