FREE MUSIC: Anchor Hymns' "Christ Be All Around Me"

Anchor Hymns

For a limited time, you can download the mp3, sheet and chord music sheets of Anchor Hymns' new integrity Music debut single "Christ Be All Around Me" for FREE by clicking HERE. The recording features the multicultural trio Village Lights - comprised of Sarah Kroger, Ricky Vazquez, and Ike Ndolo - joined by singer and songwriter Jasmine Mullen.

Along with Sarah, Ricky, Ike, and Jasmine, other artists and musicians involved in Anchor Hymns are Paul Baloche, Sandra McCracken, Tim Timmons, Andrew Osenga, Dwan Hill, Leslie Jordan, Taylor Leonhardt and Jess Ray (Mission House), Brent Milligan, Garrett Tyler, Brian Eichelberger, Lucy Grimble, Dee Wilson, Antoine Bradford, and Chaunda Jefferson. 

With their rendition of "Christ Be All Around Me" and with more songs slated to release, Anchor Hymns dives deep into the human condition and are unafraid to tackle the sounds of suffering and grief, as well as joy and celebration. As more than just a collection of spiritual songs, what is emerging from Anchor Hymns offers room for worship musicians to level up their skills or to simplify the sounds and play within their skillset.

Join their Instagram page here to keep up with the latest information.  

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