Jesus Loves Electro Worships God with EDM & Heartfelt Lyrics

Jesus Loves Electro

Norwegian based DJ Jesus Loves Electro releases his new EP Worship today. Mixing EDM beats with thoughtful lyrics, Worship is led by "This Time" co-written with Mitch Wong.  

"It is special to worship Jesus in a raw, energetic and unfiltered kind of way, but with this project I wanted to go back to the roots of what I am really doing," Ole Jose (Jesus Loves Electro) says. 

Jesus Loves Electro started his journey in Oslo in 2010. He had his first gig in the sunny easter mountains of Norway, and from there it kept snowballing down the mountain and into young Christians' hearts. Combining the finest EDM with a clear focus on God, Jesus Loves Electro creates a new and progressive scene for praise. With a unique concept, the Norwegian DJ utilises the genre to preach and celebrate the Gospel. 

Challenging the way we look at praise, JLE create a raw and unfiltered environment, where there are no wrong words to sing, no wrong ways to move your body or no right notes you have to hit.A beautiful chaos of unfiltered freedom somehow creating an intimate space between you and God. 

From the biggest venues in Scandinavia, to festivals around Europe and massive crowds in South America, the concept has started growing into a movement of young believers finding a new way to experience the Gospel and express their praise.


01. New Unknown (feat. David Andre Ostby) 

02. This Time (feat. Mitch Wong) 

03. Fly (feat. Neteland) 

04. Holy Spirit (feat. Neteland) 


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