Colton Dixon On How the Story of Noah Inspired "Build a Boat (Acoustic Version)"

Colton Dixon

American Idol alum Colton Dixon has just release a new acoustic version of his latest single "Build a Boat." The track, written by Dixon along with co-writers and producers Pete Becker, Mikey Gormley, Johan Lindbrant and Seth Mosley, was originally released in April 2022. The official visualizer can be viewed below. "Build A Boat (Acoustic)" is available now

"'Build a Boat' is an anthem for anyone willing to stand up or step out for what they believe in," Dixon says. "Just as Noah stepped out to construct an ark in the middle of a drought, faith can look a little crazy sometimes. I hope this song encourages you to go beyond what's comfortable to experience the reward waiting on the other side of crazy faith." 

The song was inspired by the story of Noah and the ark. In discussing the song's scriptural lessons, Colton reveals, "Take the story of Noah. I think Hollywood gets this story wrong a lot of the times. There's this big back and forth between Noah and God of him saying he doesn't want to do it," Dixon said. "But the Bible depicts the story really simply. It says God asked Noah to build an ark and Noah was obedient."

That obedience was convicting to Dixon.

"I don't know if the Bible would depict some of the crazy things God's asked me to do over the years as 'Colton was obedient,'" he said. "It challenged me to go, 'You know what? Even though faith can look crazy, sometimes, I think that there's a reward waiting on the other side of crazy faith. I think God is trying to get something to you. He's not just asking you to do it because He feels like it.'"



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