Join Todd Dulaney for His New Live Album Recording

Todd Dulaney

Gospel music artist and worship leader Todd Dulaney will be recording his new live album The Journey Continues on Saturday, September 17. Fans are invited to join Dulaney for the album recording. "The Journey Continues,"  Dulaney's fifth live record, is slated to be another remarkable album.

The recording will take place at

Calvary Church

9S200 Illinois Route 59

Naperville, IL 60564

To purchase your tickets, click HERE.

Dulaney spent most of his life pursuing a baseball career, playing 5 years of professional baseball. Now, his joy comes from serving the Lord in any and every capacity of life. He is steadfast and sold out to God and his eyes are focused on ministry and fulfilling His purpose. Dulaney's dream is to write music, which ministers to the heart of God and touches the heart of man. Not what's hot, but what delivers, what heals, what restores, music that God inhabits. 

He is currently a faithful member under the ministry of Dr. Bill Winston at Living Word Christian in Forest Park, IL. He is married to the lovely Kenyetta Stone-Dulaney and his greatest accomplishments are his four lovely children Todd Jr., Taylor, Tyler & Tenley.

One thing that Dulaney desires, is to keep the message of Christ on display more than the brand of the artist. "Without the Christ of the Gospel, we don't have Gospel/Christian music."




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