Exclusive Song Premiere: The Chitans' "Hush (Don't Cry)"

The Chitans

The Chitans return with Shoulder To Shoulder, their second full-length album for Horizon Records, on September 30. The Chitans comprise of Kaiziah, Kayandra, Jesse, Jayden and Karlainah Chitan and their parents, Layne and Karen. The family travels the world singing wherever they are called upon to do so, to share Jesus's love with all people, especially the children of the world. 

In July of 2012, the family received a Congressional Award from the United States of America, for volunteer work done on the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

One of their new album's highlights is the song "Hush (Don't Cry)."  First recorded by the group Acapella, the song is a nod to the family's Caribbean origins. You can listen to the song HERE.

"This song has been loved by our family since we were little children," the Chitans reveal. "This version has a heavy Acappella (Company) influence, but we've tried to incorporate pieces from the versions of the other various artists. We hope that others are blessed by the message of this song. It's okay to feel sorrow and grief, but God doesn't want us to grieve forever.

"Sometimes the question needs to be asked like how God asked Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:1, ;How long will you mourn?' At some point we need to stop wallowing in our sorrows, declare that the pity party is over and realize that God is with us! He has promised us comfort (Matthew 5:4) and we should trust Him. We didn't anticipate putting this on the album, but we praise God for how He orchestrated things. It has been a joy working with our producer, Mr. Roger Talley, Trey Ivey and all the folks at Crossroads Studios."

Pre-order, add or save Shoulder to Shoulder HERE. 

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