FREE MOVIE: The William Tyndale Story

Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith series, The William Tyndale Story

From the award-winning Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith series, The William Tyndale Story is available for FREE to watch in this special online event brought to you exclusively by RevelationMedia and our friends at Christian History Institute. To watch the movie, click HERE.

Tyndale, a true hero of the faith whose desire for all people to read the Word of God in their own language caused him to be labeled a heretic by church authorities. He was martyred on October 6th, 1536. But, the prayer he prayed with his last breath, "Lord, open the King of England's eyes" was answered the following year when King Henry VII authorized the Scriptures to be translated and printed in English. 

At the time that William Tyndale lived, it was against the law to teach children the Lord's Prayer or the Ten Commandments. Church leaders believed it was their job, and their job alone, to interpret the Bible for the common people, and the Scriptures were only available in Latin.
But William Tyndale loved God's Word and wanted it to be available to everyone. His mission was to translate the Old and New Testaments from the original Greek and Hebrew so that all people could read and learn from God Himself in the Bible. If you have a Bible in English today, you have William Tyndale to thank! God used him to translate the Scriptures, and he ultimately paid for it with his life.



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