New Film "Patterns of Evidence: Journey To Mt. Sinai" Validates the Historicity of the Exodus Story

Patterns of Evidence: Journey To Mt. Sinai

New film Patterns of Evidence: Journey To Mt. Sinai will be in theaters two-nights only, October 17 and 18, distributed through Fathom Events. Patterns of Evidence has become a beloved, trusted source for those seeking to discover the credibility of the Bible. By comparing biblical accounts with science, archaeology, and historical documents, the series strives to validate important accounts from scripture that are core to biblical faith. 

Patterns of Evidence: Journey To Mt. Sinai is focused on searching for the true location of Mount Sinai. The film follows investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney pursuing physical evidence of the Exodus journey to Mount Sinai where Scripture shares that God came down to meet the Israelites. The film follows the Israelites' path after the Red Sea crossing until their arrival at the mountain.

After initially focusing on a mountain in Saudi Arabia, favored by Exodus Explorers, Mahoney is challenged to look at other options. He uses the trusted Patterns-of-Evidence approach to investigate six main candidates. Examining details in the biblical text as well as geographical and archaeological information, he sets out to pin-point the mountain's true location. Can he find the mountain where Moses encountered the burning bush and heard the voice of God commanding him to return with the Israelites?  

Tickets for the film can be purchased at or at participating theater box offices.  For a complete list of theater locations visit the Fathom Events website (theaters are subject to change). 

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