Find Out How Jokia Williams Responds to Her #1 Song

Jokia Williams

Rising Gospel music artist Jokia Williams scores her second straight career-opening No. 1 on Billboard Gospel Airplay with "Let Him In."  She broke through with her debut single "Yahweh," in 2021 which led for a week in April 2021.

Williams is thankful for her #1 song. "Before the plaque and number #1 song in the country on radio, I promise you I was satisfied. The number one doesn't make me whole, Jesus does. But I am grateful for it." 

She continues, "Stay encouraged in your assignment from God. If He sent you to do it, that's all that matters. No matter what happens.
Point is, do it for GOD. Do it because He sent you. Thank you to everyone who rooted for this song!! Some of y'all knew what was going to happen before it did!" 

"My heart is filled with gratitude and honor to be number one again. As an independent artist I hope to inspire others that dreams do come true. Don't quit. Do it because you love it." 

Prior to the digital release of "Yahweh", Williams offered a soul-stirring performance of the song at Marquis Boone's 2015 Discovered conference that landed her a demo recording deal. Since then, and with much dedication to her craft and devotion to God, William's ministry continues to gain visibility, amazing opportunities, and platforms to minister through music.  

For more information on Williams follow her on social media by using the handle @JokiaMusic; and on the web at her clothing-line website, God Sent.  

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