Tim Malchak Opens Up About His New Album "God Knows"

Tim Malchak

Singer/Songwriter and former MCA/Universal recording artist Tim Malchak has just released his brand new Christian album God Knows. Malchak first came to be known in the music industry during that time with a string of top 40 hit singles in Billboard's Hot Country Music Charts. Songs like his self-penned "Colorado Moon" and "Restless Angel" helped to establish him as a gifted and influential singer/songwriter.

In 1987 he was honored once again by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top Ten New Country Artists of that year.  He achieved this high level of success while on Alpine Records, an independent record label. In 1988 he signed a major label record deal with MCA/Universal Records and in May of 1989 his critically acclaimed album Different Circles was released.

During that time he shared the stage with a veritable Who's Who of country artists of that decade, performing alongside artists Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Kenny Rogers, Emmylou Harris, Barbara Mandrell, Willie Nelson, and many others. In 1993 Tim appeared on Farm Aid VI in Ames, Iowa which was viewed by over 200 million viewers on TNN.

Malchak began a new and rewarding chapter in his life and career starting in 1999 when, realizing his need for a Savior, he repented of his sins and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. To purchase God Knows, click HERE.

Q: Tim, thanks for doing this interview with us. The last time we chatted it was in 2020. If I am not wrong, last year alone, you released three albums! Tell us a little bit about these albums.

These past few years were some of the most challenging and, for me, some of the most creative times of my life. The three albums I recorded were mostly written during the pandemic. Between my two bouts with Covid I was able to write more songs. Two Ministry albums and a solo acoustic project of secular songs. 

Q: You started off in country music where you had a major label deal and you shared the stage with some of the genre's biggest artists. Are you still a fan of country music? Do you still listen to your older stuff?

I will always be a fan of country music. I'm grateful to have gotten my start and to have had the success I had during my years in Nashville. I learned a lot. And yes I do listen to my older body of work at times if only just to see if this old man can still deliver LOL

Q: Talk to us about your new album. How did "God Knows" come about?

Most of these songs were written during the pandemic years. My two previous projects where produced by Eric Horner and he was gracious enough to commit to doing another project with me. He is without a doubt the most talented person I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He was a great source of encouragement as I was writing the songs for this project.

Q: On this new album, you wife not only co-wrote a number of songs, she also designed the album cover. Tell us more about Leslie and what was it like writing with her?

Leslie and I have written songs together for the better part of our marriage. She has a great mind for detail which also comes in handy when she designs the album covers too. My other co-writer is James Burns. A friend for many years and a wonderful wordsmith.

Q: I love how in the album's liner notes you have a scripture connected to every track. Why is the Bible important for you in writing songs?

The source of all our music comes from scripture. What better point of reference than the Word of God?

Q: I love many of the songs on the new disc, especially "Pain." How did this song come about? 

I wrote pain because I lived it. I meant for it to be a prayer with God's  promise of healing. Thankfully the feedback on that song has been a source of peace and comfort for those who hear it.

Q: How do you hope these new songs will impact the lives of your listeners?

It's my prayer that these songs will challenge and encourage the listener to gain a deeper understanding of how God's Word can be utilized through music. I truly feel like this is the best work God has blessed me with. Not to mention the amazing musicians I've had the privilege of working with on this body of work. Players like Gordon Mote, Jason Roller, Eric Horner, Jacob Lowery, Scott Williamson, Mike Johnson and Larry Franklin. Engineers Randy Poole and Jim Pace. I am a blessed man. To God be all the glory!



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