RED Releases Their First Live Album Today with Another Coming in 2023


GRAMMY-nominated Christian rock band RED announces on social media that they have two albums ready for release. The first, Until We Have Faces (Live and Unplugged), releases today, and the second will release in Spring of 2023.

"It's never been done before... We are releasing not one but TWO new RED albums in the next six months," RED shared on Facebook. "First with our live and unplugged album on December 2 and then another album with BRAND NEW MUSIC early next year!! We are so excited for you to hear both of these new records that we have been working very hard on."

RED continues, "Our new live and unplugged album releases tonight at midnight! It has already launched for some of our friends across the pond. Have you heard it yet." Listen here:


1. Feed The Machine
2. Faceless
3. Lie To Me
4. Let It Burn
5. Buried Beneath
6. Not Alone
7. Watch You Crawl
8. The Outside
9. Who We Are
10. Best Is Yet To Come
11. Hymn For The Missing 

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