Micah Tyler Invites Us on a 42-Day Journey with His Debut Book

Micah Tyler

Songwriter and recording artist Micah Tyler will be releasing his debut book Walking Free: Taking Small Steps To A Big God. Officially releasing January 24, 2023, the pre-order for the book begins today. Click HERE for more information. Additionally, customers who participate in the pre-order and redeem their order will receive the audiobook, read by Tyler, to listen immediately.   

The journey from where we are to where God wants us to be is filled with challenges and obstacles. It is Tyler's hope that Walking Free: Taking Small Steps to a Big God, inspired by Tyler's hit song of the same name, will uplift the readers with the truth that God will always walk with us and never leave us behind. It is also his desire to encourage believers to experience the mercy and mission of a closer connection with God and to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus, regardless of external circumstances. He also applies Scripture and Biblical wisdom in his teaching alongside personal stories along with questions for both personal reflections and group discussions. New York Times' bestselling author, podcaster, and speaker Annie F. Downs offers the foreword. 

Micah Tyler shares, "I want to invite you on a 42-day journey in my new book as we take small steps away from the things of this world and all the empty promises it offers and walk toward the good things of God and the knowledge of knowing Jesus more deeply and meaningfully."  

He continues, "We'll take these steps together, working toward trusting the Lord because we don't follow each other, we follow Him. As we walk this journey, we want to celebrate God's love for us, discovering the heights that His freedom brings into our lives. Our prayer will be the same one my family has been offering up for the past several years, 'Lord, help us to trust You more today than yesterday.' Let's pick up the tools that God has equipped us with and head into the wilderness. Together, we can build roads of purpose so we can walk in His freedom. Some steps will be beautiful and some will be difficult, but this road will lead somewhere amazing. One step at a time!" 

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