Dr. Earl Bynum Shares Testimony Of Walking Away Injury Free From Recent Horrifying Car Crash

Earl Bynum

Stellar award-winning singer, songwriter, and choir director Dr. Earl Bynum's life was almost tragically changed in the blink of an eye. Last week, Dr. Bynum was met with a car accident while driving on a Virginia highway.   

Dr. Bynum shares the account of this terrible car accident that could have turned tragic:  "I was on Interstate 64 in heavy traffic, and a truck pulled out too slowly into the fast traffic. Everyone had to swerve to avoid hitting each other. The car behind me swerved to my right to avoid hitting me, so I couldn't go to the right or left because of a barrier. The vehicle in front of me came to a complete stop. I had no place to go but to directly crash into the back of the jeep in front of me at high speed."

Bynum continues, "My entire car nearly folded in half with the hood completely bending in half.  However, surprisingly, no glass broke, nor did my airbag deploy.  It was as if the heavenly Father lifted me and covered me at that moment." 

Bynum was able to get out of his car and walk around without any injury whatsoever. Miraculously, no other person involved in the horrifying crash suffered any harm. Bynum's vehicle suffered extensive damage, but God completely protected him.

We often take for granted small things like driving a car and arriving at our destination safely. For Dr. Bynum, this commute is a miracle to share. He offers this as a testimony and proof to those who may question God's hand of protection for us and His presence among us.  Dr. Bynum encourages us to remember that "He Is JEHOVAH NISSI - He protected the Israelites, He protected David, He protected ME, and He will protect You!"Stay inspired and connected with Dr. Bynum @EarlBynum.  

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