Author Patricia Cori Addresses Our State of Chronic Angst and Acute Adrenal Stress

Patricia Cori

Internationally acclaimed author, and public speaker Patricia Cori has just released her brand new book. Hacking the God Code: The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul delivers what author Patricia Cori calls a "booster shot of truth" to all who are ready to hear it.

"It exposes the sinister web of lies and manipulation that has been perpetrated upon humanity at all levels of society and the institutions we have been taught to trust," Cori said. "At this time of incredible upheaval, I expose the tactics of a corrupt and unfathomably ruthless global cabal, whose aim it is to enslave us by destroying our precious DNA connection to God-Source energy."

With "the determination of an investigative journalist and the passion of a spiritual warrior," Cori brings to light "the agenda of the New World Order and its Global Reset, and how it is targeting every soul on this planet."

With her unshakable belief that the truth shall set us free from even the darkest manifestations against the human race, Cori offers critical solutions for healing, for finding the strength to fight back, and for manifesting a clear direction for the light teams among us to be empowered and liberated from fear for their health, the future of their children and their very lives.

"We are in Armageddon: a spiritual battle of darkness and light," she affirmed. "Only from that place of immutable strength can we reverse the destructive course set for us by a global political class of swarms of minions, who are dedicated to those who rule over them. If we are to liberate ourselves from its grip, we must overcome any sense of powerlessness that still deters us."

In the second part of the book, Cori offers critical tools for healing and for mental/spiritual purification.

"Leveraging the power of sacred geometry and sound, meditation and visualization, we can regain our sovereignty and harness the invincible power of God/Source to banish the forces of evil from our sacred Mother Earth," she said. "And to do that is not only our right, it is our destiny."

Within 24 hours of launching, Hacking the God Code hit No.1 Best Seller status in six Amazon categories: Evolution, Political Freedom, Genetics, Free Will and Determinism Philosophy, and Health Care Delivery.



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