Caroline Cobb Shares the Story Behind "No Place Better (Psalm 84)"

Caroline Cobb

Acclaimed singer, songwriter Caroline Cobb will be releasing her new album Psalms: The Poetry of Prayer sometime in May of this year. You can now PRE-SAVE the entire Psalms album. In anticipation for the record, Cobb has released the lead single off the album. "No Place Better (Psalm 84)," co-written by Cobb and Wendell Kimbrough, was one of the very last songs to be added to the tracklist. 

Cobb reveals, "I mainly started writing it because I felt the album needed another upbeat track. And now, it's one of my favorite songs on the whole record."  

She goes on to talk about the song. "This song from Psalm 84 is super visual for me: when I hear it, I see us as pilgrims marching and singing on the way home to Zion. We are eager to be fully in God's presence and sometimes this highway through the wilderness is just so DRY and Baca-like (fyi Baca is a shrub or tree that grows in dry places, but in Hebrew it also sounds like the verb 'to weep'). But even still, we have deep joy and steady hope: God is with us, Jesus has made the way through, and he promises to lead us all the way home, through us spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of him and the flourishing green of Eden.

"Big ache AND big joy. The reality of the "not yet" and the hope of the `already.' I pray this song straddles both for you and brings you encouragement today... and hopefully some foot-tapping and a smile too! Thanks again for listening!" 

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