The Talleys Go Back to the Vault to Release Their Live Performances


In the wake of Debra and Roger Talley's 2020 retirement, The Talleys have returned to the vaults to release a new series under the title, Messages To Treasure: A Live Anthology from The Talleys. Featuring live versions of their biggest and best-loved hit songs, the series will be available exclusively on streaming platforms.

To launch Messages To Treasure, The Talleys have chosen a song that reflects on the universal essence of the Christian gospel: "Jesus Saves."  

"When we were traveling as part of the Gaither Homecoming tour," Roger recalls, "one of our favorite artists on the tour was the funny and supremely talented Stephen Hill. One afternoon he climbed up on our bus and said, 'I want you to hear a song I just finished' and he played and sang 'Jesus Saves.' We immediately loved the music and lyrics. We recorded it, and it quickly became a favorite in our concerts because it simply states the main tenet of our salvation: Redemption through the blood of Jesus. It rose to #1 on the Singing News chart in both April and May of 2004."

Starting with Debra's emotive opening verse, the song's arrangement unfolds to support the simplicity of the lyric, which uses the title as a joyously insistent refrain, adding Roger's and Lauren's voices in turn as the full trio delivers the inspirational chorus:

Hallelujah, I'm redeemed
I've been pardoned full and free
All because the Blood still sings
Jesus saves, Jesus saves

As it proceeds, the arrangement diversifies, shifting rhythms and vocal arrangements to alternate between moments of majesty and meditation before reaching its final distillation, repeating the first and last lines of the chorus. It's an inspiring performance that listeners will not only appreciate on its own terms, but as a harbinger of more music still to come from The Talleys.

Listen to "Jesus Saves" HERE.



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