UNITED's Expanded Version of “Are We There Yet?” Boasts 21 Songs


Today, multi-award-winning and platinum-selling artist UNITED releases an expanded edition of their latest album "Are We There Yet?" featuring a collection of songs about journey - exploring the challenges, heartache, and magnificence of this life of faith. The 21-track project represents the first time the group was able to gather together as a band after two years of distance to bring the songs to life. It includes new versions of "Chariot," "'Know You Will," and "Have Mercy On Me Now," among other favorites from UNITED's 2022 release, as well as brand-new video content. Listen to the expanded edition of "Are We There Yet?" here.
When reflecting upon the release, UNITED considers that "There are times in life where we don't even have the breath to whisper, spun into a cruel chaos winding the life from within us. There are times in life where it's easy to look around and shout our gratitude and declare that God is good. And there are times in life where both realities co-exist. Life is beautifully plaited with light and dark, and grey. But through it all, we are still here, hanging onto the promise we read of in Philippians, that He who began a good work in us will complete it! 'Are We There Yet?' embodies the feeling of 'all this future.'"
UNITED recently wrapped their multi-city co-headline Tomlin UNITED tour, performing for packed arenas in major markets around the nation. Heralded as one of the biggest Christian music tours of 2022 with 34 dates in total and a quarter million attendees, the Tomlin UNITED Tour provided an intimate night of worship, where fans joined together to experience some of the biggest songs that have shaped modern faith today.

  1. Days Like These (Trust You)
  2. All This Future
  3. Deeper Water
  4. Show Me Your Heart
  5. On Repeat
  6. Delightful (The Sower Never Wastes A Tear)
  7. God Song
  8. Have Mercy On Me Now
  9. Blown Away
  10. What Love Is (Because You Died)
  11. Know You Will
  12. Sure Thing
  13. Not Afraid
  14. MMXXII (Interlude)
  15. Chariot
  16. Know You Will (In The Meantime Version)
  17. Chariot (Two Palms Sessions)
  18. Delightful (The Sower Never Wastes A Tear) - Two Palms Sessions
  19. Have Mercy On Me Now (Two Palms Sessions)
  20. Sure Thing (In The Meantime Version)
  21. On Repeat (Two Palms Sessions)

For more information on UNITED, visit or @hillsongunited on all social platforms.  


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