Songs From the Soil Offer a Groovy Version of Philippa Hanna's "You're Still God"

Songs From The Soil

Songs From the Soil introduce their third Integrity Music single "You're Still God." Originally written by Philippa Hanna, the song is performed by London-based artists Junior Garr and Emmanuel Smith in a rendition that is as spacious as it is soulful.

"You're Still God" was penned at a time when a string of deep challenges hit Philippa and her family; when stability seemed like a distant dream, she turned to worship as a means of survival and restoration. Since then, the song has become an anthem joining people to declare God's sovereignty, goodness and faithfulness. 

Songs From The Soil write "`You're Still God' gives comfort to those currently grieving, struggling or just seeking to stand on God's promises. This version from our friends Junior Garr and Emmanuel Smith takes the words of Philippa Hanna, and amplifies the message that we can't let chaos steal our faith! We've already heard so many stories of how this song has deeply impacted people, so we are excited that we get to share this new version." 

Songs From The Soil encourage the Church with a vital message that we cannot let chaos steal our faith. Their new single gives language and melody to those currently grieving, struggling or just seeking to stand on God's promises. As a community of British worship artists and songwriters passionate to craft songs infused with the flavour of their local context, they affirm the heartbeat of unity at their core with a song that seeks to infuse hope in the world. 

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