Pastors & Christian Workers Can Now Rejuvenate at Billy Graham's NC Home

Billy Graham

Charlotte businessman, Stephen L. Thomas, well-known actor Kirk Cameron and writer/speaker Ruth Graham, third daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, have partnered together to offer the original family home of Billy and Ruth Graham in Montreat, North Carolina as a place of pastoral restoration to men, women, and families in ministry.

The home had been used as a vacation rental in recent years. Guests of the home were given access to experience the Grahams' young family life through the cottage's original furnishings, books, photos and mementos.The two-story home is still in pristine condition and surrounded by several picturesque walking trails and streams.

Currently, Billy's Home Place offers several experiences designed to rejuvenate pastors and help believers discover God's will through diving deep into God's Word. If you serve as a vocational missionaries or pastors with 20 or more years, take a few moments and fill out the Pastoral Rest and Sabbatical Form. There is no charge for pastors or missionaries who stay at Billy's Home Place. To fill out the form, click HERE.

Though out the centuries, this home stood as an alter of anointing where God chose to use a humble servant to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Often writing sermons and studying from a small writing table in his second floor study, this library stands as a monument to the countless hours spent crying out to God on behalf of unrepentant souls and those in need of Christ. Billy would soon become "America's Pastor", filling arenas and coliseums around the world, but his earliest ministry took place around the fireplace and kitchen table at this modest mountain home.

Billy's Home Place has a foundation of a man that sought God's will and had first-hand experience to God's power and blessings over his life. Billy's Home Place co-founder, Stephen L. Thomas shared why his passion to continue Dr. Graham's legacy was so strong. He explained "Many fail to believe that God has a deep call on our lives ; that he wants to use His people in special ways. Failure to be used by God is never because of God's idleness towards us but because our neglect in pursuing him. We often believe God will take something away from us or worse, call us to a place that we are not prepared for!"





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