JJ Hairston's New Album Combines Intimate Worship with Powerful Declarations

JJ Hairston

Billboard Music Award-winning, and Top Gospel Artist, JJ Hairston releases his new album BELIEVE AGAIN, Volume II today. The album is not your average Gospel album. JJ Hairston has again created a project combining intimate worship with powerful declarations.

A fan favorite, "You Deserve It" brings the listener into a raw and unfiltered worship experience. This song is relatable to every person who has found themselves telling God that all they have belongs to Him.  In contrast, "Reminder (feat. Deon Kipping)" is a moment of witness and confirmation that if God did it Before, He will do it again.  

"Close To You" is a pure and simple plea to God that all we need is to be close to Him. As a collective listening experience, BELIEVE AGAIN, Volume II is the heart's cry of every Christian. Every track is reminiscent of a personal moment with God regardless of where the listener may be in their God relationship. Whether just accepting Christ or continuing a long-term relationship, all Christians want the same thing - to believe in and experience the amazing life-changing power of God. BELIEVE AGAIN, Volume II features stand-out collaborations with Travis Greene, Deon Kipping, Adrienne Lewis-Freeman, Minon Sarten, Crystal Aiken, Brittany Wright, Zebulon Ellis and more. The first volume of the album, BELIEVE AGAIN, released Friday, September 30th, 2022.

BELIEVE AGAIN, Volume II is the first full-length project JJ Hairston has completed since being installed as the Senior Pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly DC. "Previously, my creative process evolved from the worship perspective. Although I am still a worshiper, as a Pastor, I teach more. Now, each musical project starts with a thought or a scripture. I spend a great deal of time thinking about what I want people to get from each song," shares Hairston. 

"Faith is a choice, and we hope the album will inspire people to choose God," shares JJ Hairston. 

Currently, JJ Hairston is continuing his devotion to a greater purpose alongside his wife, Trina Hairston, having recently released a book "A Miracle Marriage" together, while also serving as Campus Pastors for All Nations Worship Assembly (ANWA) Washington, DC campus.


  1. Easy For You - feat Travis Greene
  2. Psalm 100 - feat Greg Kirkland & Adrienne Lewis-Freeman
  3. It Will Always Be You - feat Shavance Stephens, Leah Leach & Maverick City Choir
  4. Reminder - feat Deon Kipping
  5. All You've Done - feat Cristabel Clack
  6. All You've Done (Reprise) - feat Cristabel Clack
  7. Close To You - feat Minon Sarten
  8. This is the Lord's Doing - feat Crystal Aiken, Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling
  9. It's Still Hallelujah - feat Brittney Wright, Phil Bryant, Pocket of Hope & Maverick City Choir
  10. It's Gonna Be Bigger - feat DeMarcus Kelly & Janae Jones
  11. It's Changing - feat JaNae Jones & Zebulon Ellis
  12. You Deserve It - feat Cecily Hennigan

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