Red Rocks Worship Drops a New Single Ahead of their New Album

Red Rocks Worship

Red Rocks Worship released their acclaimed album, Things Of Heaven, and they are now more than ready to share new music with the world. The Denver-based worship collaborative drops their latest song, "Good Plans," (listen HERE) along with announcing their new album, titled Ascend, which will release on July 14, 2023. 

Preparing for more than a year to create Ascend, Red Rocks Worship member Tyler Roberts shares, "For us, it's been a year of pruning, of laying down pride and chasing God, and searching for what worship is and what it looks like to really go after the Lord and enter His gates with praise. Every single song on the album has a story behind it that means something to all of us. We titled it Ascend, which is found right in Psalm 24, stating, Who can ascend the mountain of God, who can be in the presence of the Lord." 

"Good Plans" is the album's first single to release. A live video for the song can be viewed HERE and below. Inspired by Psalm 23, "It became the focal point of every word that we wrote for that song," worship leader Kory Miller explains. "I'm really excited for this song to release. It feels like a major personal revelation that turned into a corporate revelation for our church." 

"The Lord is my shepherd and He is everything I need So, I will not worry, I will not fear the enemy He said that He loves me, He said that He's with meEven though I walk through the valley of shadow and death and still I know He has good plans, He has good plans for me So I will take heart in deserts and gardens He has good plans, He has good plans for me"

Red Rocks Worship will be able to share their music live on May 19 at Night Of Worship With Red Rocks Worship in Mesa, Arizona, as well as on their album's release day at Drylands Student Conference in Carlsbad, NM. Be sure to visit their tour page for the latest dates.  

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