Selah's Todd Smith Releases "Leave It to Love"

Todd Smith

One third of Christian music's trio Selah, Todd Smith, has released his new solo single "Leave It to Love." Smith co-wrote "Leave It To Love" two years ago after the pandemic. There was so much division on social media and the news, and he kept thinking about what it means to be a brother and friend especially to people he didn't agree with.

Smith writes, "We have the power to speak life or death into people, and it's so important to love others and have compassion and grace. The messaging is similar to `Lean On Me.'
I wrote this song with  Phoebe Scott, Katy Reynolds and & my producer Jay Speight or rather they took the idea I shared and went with it when I couldn't make the writing session because my daughter had an appendicitis the same day. She is fine now. We got together later and finished the song." 

Smith goes on to talk about the significance of the single cover (see above). "I chose this cover because I love how this picture turned out! My friend and photographer Danny Valdes showed me a picture of Steve Carell with scotch tape all around his face and eyelid. It was jarring but I couldn't take my eyes off of it. We didn't want to do the same thing, but my make up artist (my head shines in pictures) suggested taking a mic chord and wrapping that around my head. I loved the idea because I thought it was original and different.

"I realize this picture doesn't say `LOVE' or `Leave It To Love' but it speaks to a lot of what I have experienced in the music industry over 26 years as an artist and 40 plus years of singing. When Selah started we had CDs and cassettes and we released albums every 2 years. Now we have moved to streaming a new song every month.We used to have a marketing department at our label. Now with social media we are the marketing department and that can be overwhelming if you don't love social media. As much as I love what I do it can feel like you have a mic chord wrapped around your head sometimes."

Though Smith is releasing his solo efforts, Selah is not breaking up. The trio will release a duet album in the summer and they will record a new album for 2024. Meanwhile, Amy Perry and Allan Hall are also preparing to release their own solo songs and albums.



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