Sheldon Cooper Leaving The Big Bang Theory: The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons Quitting The Show, Hoax Goes Viral, Actor Unsure Of Return

sheldon leaving big bang

Sheldon Cooper Leaving The Big Bang Theory: The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Quitting The Show, Hoax Goes Viral, Actor Unsure Of Return

We might have all heard of the recent reports that suggest that Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons will be quitting the show and might be departing from the world of comedy, which finally turned out to be a hoax. A number of people and media outlets are wondering whether or not Jim Parson will be making a come-back for the 8th season of the show. However, the news was broken by a website that is used to spreading misinformation about the show.

The original title for the misinformation which was titled Jim Parsons Quits 'The Big Bang Theory' says that the 41-year old left the show after altercation with a colleague; Johnny Galecki. The author of this misleading article claimed that they got the information from sources which were close to the production of the show. After taking a closer look at the site they claimed to have retrieved the information from, we see that it is very obvious that they had fabricated the whole story for the sake of satire and misleading the followers of this comedy show.

After the 6th season, which everyone was being paid for the same amount of money for over 150 episodes, they really got upset with this so they all asked for a pay rise. They got this going into season 7, but this time round as they were filming, they wanted more than they actually deserved. There are claims that the filming of the new series might be stopped or delayed due to the ongoing pay negotiations. The principle actors in the comedy are asking for huge pay rises which has brought the production of the new series to a halt. Other industry sources were asked and they commented that producers are expected to reach a deal before the filming continues.

The solution to all these can only be given by time. All we have to do is to wait and see how it goes; whether Jim Parsons will finally quit the show or whether the production will go on well after the pay negotiations are finalized.


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