New Film "Between Mercy and Me" Explores Sensitive Issues Such as Race, Gentrification & Interracial Dating

Between Mercy and Me

Upcoming faith-based film, Between Mercy and Methat will be available nationwide, on June 20 for one night only, through Fathom Events. Spring boarding from the Juneteenth holiday, the film is set to challenge societal norms and spark honest and raw conversations around sensitive topics including race, gentrification, interracial dating within the evangelical church and beyond. 

Between Mercy and Me is a must-watch film for all who desire to learn more about having honest, authentic, and more meaningful conversations about race, and the impact of racial divisions within the church. 

The film was written and directed by Craig Lamar Brown and is based on some of his own experiences experiencing racism and microaggressions - with the police and with other Christians. It stars Andrea Summer and David J Driskill, and Andrea also co-wrote the screenplay and the original music featured through the film. 

The film centers around Hugo, a talented musician and worship leader in a Cincinnati community grappling with the impact of gentrification and tragedy. When his pastor challenges him to produce more inspirational music for the congregation, Hugo struggles with writer's block. In his search for inspiration, he meets Mercy, a jubilant and outgoing fellow musician, at a neighborhood coffee shop. As they join forces in their songwriting efforts, their relationship blossoms romantically, but they soon face challenges from friends, family, and their own communities. 

Determined not to let hard conversations or tension tear them apart, Hugo and Mercy set out to create space for honest conversations and work toward unification in their community. They courageously challenge biases, both seen and unseen, often left unspoken. However, one fateful evening, their relationship is rocked by a routine traffic stop that forces them to confront their own internal narratives and beliefs. Will they choose to embrace vulnerability with each other or let their relationship crumble under the weight of biases they worked so hard to overcome? 

Watch the Trailer: HERE 


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