Jimmie Allen Responds to His Sexual Allegation Lawsuit with a For King & Country Song

Jimmie Allen

Country music singer Jimmie Allen was sued for alleged sexual assault and sex trafficking. A woman identifying herself as Jane Doe has filed a civil suit against the singer, alleging that he subjected her to a "torrential cycle" of sexual abuse during an 18-month period while she was employed as a day-to-day member of his professional team.

After a period of silence, Allen has broken the silence. "We gonna be alright," Allen writes on social media above a prayer and fist emoji. "This too shall pass." Kendrick Lamar's song "Alright" was tagged. Allen's most recent release is also about overcoming adversity. In fact, a static graphic with the song "Be Alright" is one of the 23 remaining posts on Instagram.

An hour or so later, he wrote "God only knows ... He knows!" over a promo image of the song "Burn the Ships" by For King & Country. The lyrics of that song are about cutting ties and beginning a new day.

Here Are 12 Key Allegations From the Jimmie Allen Lawsuit:

  1. The plaintiff alleges Wide Open Music knew about Allen's penchant for inappropriate sexual behavior and assigned her to work directly with him in her first job directly out of college, a job that required her to travel and spend extensive time alone with him daily.
  2. Allen began grooming her immediately by making sexually charged comments to her privately, in front of others and even on stage. That escalated to groping her breasts and buttocks and pressuring her into sex.
  3. In March 2021, after a dinner business meeting, she woke up naked, in pain and bleeding vaginally in her hotel with no memory of what had happened. She says Allen pressured her to take the Plan B pill as soon as possible. She states that Allen took her virginity without her consent and against her religious faith, and told her afterward, "You're mine now."
  4. Allen groped her in the green room and seemed aroused by her fear during a stop on Carrie Underwood's Denim & Rhinestones Tour, on which he was an opening act.
  5. Allen forced her into sex in his garage prior to his performance at the Rose Parade in 2022.
  6. She nearly collapsed on set during Allen's appearance on American Idol in February of 2022 and went to the emergency room, where doctors documented her vaginal trauma and urged her to "run" from whoever was abusing her.
  7. Allen assaulted her before and after his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show in May 2021, groping her breasts, pushing his erect penis against her and penetrating her with his fingers against her will.
  8. He choked her while raping her, and she would "regularly" bleed, cry "uncontrollably" and vomit afterward.
  9. Allen assaulted and harassed her "in plain sight" at professional events, including an iHeart studio session, live shows, the set of Family Feud, the Late Show With James Corden and more - even with his family nearby.
  10. His sexual assault during one of Luke Bryan's Crasha My Playa events drove her to seek the number for a suicide prevention hotline.
  11. He videotaped multiple sexual encounters to blackmail her into silence.
  12. Wide Open Music previously fired another day-to-day employee after she defended another female employee against Allen's advances, and first suspended, then terminated Jane Doe after she told the company about Allen's alleged abuse and they cut ties with him.




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