Author, Podcast Host, and Speaker Carol McLeod Discusses the Enduring Power of Scripture

Carol McLeod

Is it possible for a book written nearly 2,000 years ago can still have intrinsic value to the daily lives of its readers? TIMELESS: The Living and Enduring Word of God, the 16th book by beloved author, podcast host, and speaker Carol McLeod shares how the Bible in general, and the book of I Peter specifically, has never ceased to create a vital, timely impact on each generation of readers. TIMELESS is available June 27 at all major retailers and online, and is published by Iron Stream Media.

Carol says "I love the Bible! As I was reading 1 Peter one day, I understood that Peter, through the unction of the Holy Spirit, was writing to a bullied church in the midst of a Godless culture. I also realized that Peter was writing to our church today."

Rarely can a book written nearly two millennia ago speak to a current generation of readers. However, the book of 1 Peter is practical, hopeful, and as up-to-date as anything written today. She continues, "This book is different from other Bible studies because, while it is theology, it is also personal, practical, and hopeful. TIMELESS makes the black-and-white Word of God jump off the page in technicolor enthusiasm."

The stunning component that sets the Bible apart from other pieces of literature is that, while written on paper through the hands of ordinary men, the Holy Spirit wrote it. Carol explores how the Holy Spirit divinely inspired the entire scripture, and focuses specifically on the writings of Peter, the rock upon which Christ would build His church, and how these words can hold dynamic power for your life today.

"I hope that women fall in love with the Word of God," she exclaims. "I hope it will light a fire in their hearts to lovingly handle scripture and to be amazed at the truth in the Word of God. I also hope that TIMELESS will give women the tools to make it through the searing fires in life with great joy."

TIMELESS: The Living and Enduring Word of God is published by Iron Stream Media and is available at all major book retailers and online on June 27, 2023.  



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