Lucy Grimble Drops "Between The Shadow And The Sun" on Friday Oct. 6

Lucy Grimble

UK artist and worship leader Lucy Grimble will release her new studio album Between The Shadow And The Sun this Friday on October 6th. This concept album unpacks the dark and light seasons of life. It is a metaphor of the journey through life (sunrise to sunset), of God's glory in the midst of our frailty and humanity (His sun to our shadow), and internal wrestles (Jungian ideas of the shadow side of the soul where the gold lies waiting). It is a thoughtprovoking and uplifting project all at once. 

"Between the Shadow and the Sun" unveils Lucy Grimble's journey over the last three years from a creative, spiritual, and mental standpoint. Started during the pandemic, the UK artist's new concept album unpacks trauma, doubt, unrest, and loss with unmatched honesty. Over 10 songs, she artistically tells the common human story of our world and its recent events, whilst soaking listeners in the lightness of hoping in God.

"Between the Shadow and the Sun" is a coming clean. An attestation to the reality of struggling with faith. A courageous invitation to the process of re-finding God and exploring unknown spiritual territory. The themes of darkness and light became a framework for Lucy as she approached these vast topics, leaning into the cyclical nature of creation and deep psychological ideas about integrating one's own shadow. The tension reflected where she found herself and unlocked new songs. "I found that pain and suffering cannot be divorced from the Christian walk," Lucy says, "and in fact the Christian walk is so often learning how to trust God in the midst of pain." 

From introspective tracks such as "Shedding Skin," "Ready for the Dawn," and "Plans," to uplifting tunes like "Hope (Again)" and "Spacious Place," the new album is filled with God's constancy, kindness, and mercy. Through this, Lucy hopes to remind listeners of the trust one can place in God, commenting that "He is a friend in great darkness." Built on intricate piano parts and vocal textures, folk-infused melodies blending synth/electronic sounds, and an overall soft groove, "Between the Shadow and the Sun" has a broad appeal and speaks to those questioning faith and fighting for hope who aren't necessarily finding it in more mainstream expressions of worship. 

Grimble, has established herself as a favorite artist and well-loved live performer in the UK and beyond over the past 10 years. Her musical inspiration ranges from soul, RnB, and gospel, to jazz, classical, and singer-songwriter, resulting in her eclectic, blended sound. Lucy is soon to release her fourth recorded album, and has several singles as well as an EP to date. She has collaborated with artists across the UK, US, Brazil, and Europe, including Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick, and Paul Baloche, and frequently performs and leads worship at live events across the UK, including Spring Harvest, David's Tent, Big Church Day Out, and Prom Praise in the Royal Albert Hall. She also has the privilege of performing live sessions on air and having her music playlisted on BBC Radio. 


  1. Ready For The Dawn
  2. Between The Shadow And The Sun
  3. Perfect Timing
  4. Hope (Again)
  5. Spacious Place
  6. Shedding Skin
  7. Plans
  8. But For The Grace (Feat. Grig Cuciuc)
  9. Not In Vain
  10. Now and Forever

You can pre-save the album here.



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