Former IHOPKC Worship Leader Misty Edwards Accused of Affair with Kevin Prosch

Misty Edwards

Dove-nominated singer/songwriter Misty Edwards has been accused of engaging in a longstanding affair with fellow worship artist Kevin Prosch, who allegedly blackmailed her for a period in the relationship. Edwards has also recently resigned from the worship leader position at International House of Prayer Kansas City.

The allegations against Edwards come from Brent Steeno, a former staff member at IHOPKC and Bickle's personal ministry, Friends of the Bridegroom. Steeno said Edwards was also serving as his supervisor when she told him in December 2021 about the relationship with Prosch, which reportedly began around 2014 before Prosch and his second wife divorced in 2016. 

During this time, Prosch and Edwards were said to have drank alcohol and consumed drugs. They allegedly once were charged together for public intoxication during a traffic stop in 2018.  

Prosch was once a prominent worship leader within the Vineyard movement. But in 1999, he confessed to a string of adulterous relationships. Despite this confession, he led worship at an IHOPKC conference soon after his confession-in either 1999 or 2000. 

Edwards was a worship leader and songwriter at the International House of Prayer since its inception in September 1999, and oversaw the leadership and music team.  She has been actively writing songs since the age of sixteen, and continues to grow in this art, while encouraging others to do the same.  Through worship-leading at conferences and her faithful time of leading in the prayer room, which is streamed LIVE 24/7 to over 175,000 people a month, Misty has impacted thousands with her music.  

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