Charly Beathard's "Hallelujah Anyway" Came Out of a the Time after Her Brother's Murder

Charly Beathard

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Charly Beathard, releases her first single, "Hallelujah Anyway." The song is a moving pop ballad that channels an unspeakable tragedy into a triumphant anthem about the faithfulness of God. Beathard reveals timeless truths she's learned after a season of immense pain.

Penned with Tyrus Morgan and Molly Reed-Grayson, the poignant song explores Beathard's feelings in the wake of her brother Clay's murder. Home for Christmas break, the college quarterback was stabbed outside a Nashville venue after defending a girl who was being harassed.

Beathard reveals, "`Hallelujah Anyway' is a song that says a lot for me. It's acknowledging the reality of pain, hardship, and heartache. It points to our human frailty. But it also points to the fact that God is endlessly deserving of praise. He is always worthy of our hallelujah. He never changes. He remains good and sovereign. In and through everything. 

"It was definitely written from a deep place that had a lot to do with the things that I'd gone through with my brother Clay going to heaven," Beathard says. Even though the song is very personal to her; she sees the message as universal. "We're all constantly going to be facing trials and hard things on this earth. I love that song because when times are hard and we don't know what to say, say hallelujah anyway."

Working with producers Jonathan Smith and Micah Kuiper, Beathard's forthcoming debut album is alive with joy and the promise of hope in Jesus. It's an album fueled by a passion so anointed it's hard to deny. With one listen to the songs of Charly Beathard, that heartfelt passion is palpable. 



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