The Kingsmen Returns with "Unstoppable God," their First Single in Nearly a Year


On their first new recording in nearly a year, storied Southern Gospel quartet, The Kingsmen, introduces three new members with "Unstoppable God," a majestic affirmation of divine power that will serve as the title track to a forthcoming collection.

Written by the group's former lead singer, Chris Bryant, with powerhouse co-writers Kenna Turner West and Jason Cox, the song dives right into its subject with the ringing voice of new tenor singer Thomas Nalley, as the first verse seamlessly swells into the powerful chorus:

I stood at the foot of a mountain too high to climb
I stood by the water with no way to the other side
When I cried out to Jesus, I'm telling you, friend
He made a way o'er, and ever since then

I've never met an immovable mountain
I've never faced an uncrossable sea
'Cause the God of all power, He goes before me
And time after time I see
There's nothing on earth that can stop the unstoppable God

With veteran member Alan Kendall (baritone) and new singers Cole Watson (lead) and Drew Laney (bass), the quartet revels in a new embodiment of The Kingsmen's rich musical legacy, the expansive arrangement overseen by producer Jeff Collins - and in the grandeur of "Unstoppable God"'s simple, yet undeniable message of faith. 

"'Unstoppable God' is a testimony of my life," says Kendall. "It's a testimony of the Kingsmen, and I believe it will be the testimony of a lot of our listeners. I've seen His hand work miracles in my life, in such a way that I knew it was His will and not mine."

Listen to "Unstoppable God" HERE


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