Sanctus Real's Chris Rohman Signs Publishing Deal with Curb l Word Music Publishing

Sanctus Real's Chris Rohman

Curb | Word Music Publishing is excited to welcome Sanctus Real's Chris Rohman to its publishing roster. Rohman joins Sanctus Real front man Dustin Lolli, who is also signed as a songwriter to Curb | Word Music Publishing.

"I've been blessed to live through many seasons with Sanctus Real and at this point I can relate to the old saying, 'the best is yet to come,'" shares Rohman. "I'm so grateful for the good people at Curb | Word whom I've called friends for many years to now become my publishing partners."

"It has been a joy working alongside this iconic band for many years as we've watched them see overwhelming success at both Christian radio and on digital streaming platforms," shares Curb | Word Entertainment's VP, Christian A&R and Publishing, Jonathan Mason. "We are proud to step into this new season together."

As a teenager, it was the music playing on his local alternative rock station that caused Rohman to ask his father to teach him a few guitar chords. It didn't take long after learning to play songs from artists like Tom Petty and Weezer that Rohman found himself with a group of friends that eventually formed their own band, Sanctus Real. Over 25 years later, the passion for songwriting that drove Rohman to believe that a song can change everything is still what excites him most today. It's that belief in a song that has led to a catalog of music that now spans decades and continues to encourage a growing audience.

Rohman loves writing and self-producing ideas not only for Sanctus Real, but for other artists who believe that a song has the potential to make a lasting impact on someone's life. Recently, Rohman produced Sanctus Real's "What Christmas Means To Me," released 11/10.

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