The Wisecarvers Are Back with a New Album, "Strike A Chord"


For fans wanting a complete collection from Southern Gospel's The Wisecarvers, it's been a long wait - but their patience is rewarded today with the release of the digital-only album Strike A Chord, the family musical ministry's first full-length set in four years.

Not that the Wisecarvers haven't been releasing new music in the interim - in fact, they've offered listeners five singles, including last Christmas' contemplative "Wrapped In Red." Still, Strike A Chord yields a fully rounded musical portrait that provides ample proof of The Wisecarvers' talent for affirming the fundamentals of Christian faith and devotion in song. And with strong original songs and vocal performances by the three younger members of the group - Kaila, Dustin and Chase Wisecarver - who support one another as each takes a turn in the leading vocal role, the album delivers its Gospel message through multiple musical dimensions.  

Opening song "Tuning" sets the stage for the project, beginning with the sound of an acoustic guitar being tuned - a powerful sonic image that's underscored by Chase Wisecarver's powerful lyric:

Take the time to make a wrong a right
And act more like His chosen
Come together and strike a chord
Sing a song that'll change the world
We are all broken, imperfect, just human
And we could all use a little tuning

From there, the collection unfolds through an array of musical settings - each different, each distinctive, each built around a powerful lead vocal and exquisite harmonies that reveal the breadth of The Wisecarvers' talents and the depth of their faith. Whether they're taking on the up-tempo, country-flavored celebration of "Worth Saying Again" or the thoughtful meditation found in their new single, "Grace," the beauty of The Wisecarvers' music on Strike A Chord will lift a listeners' spirits and leave them feeling blessed. 

"As we were finishing the last touches on the new project, I took a look back at the group of songs we were blessed to record," says Kaila Wisecarver, speaking for the entire group. "There are three things that kept coming back to my mind. 

"#1 - We pray these songs speak to us as a nation. The title of the new project comes from a song Chase wrote called 'Tuning': 'We're all sinners here. We all have our problems here. There is no better here than who's on your right or left.' We all desperately need Jesus. In this time of so much division, that's something we ALL have in common. 

"#2 - We pray these songs move us as a body of believers. May we examine our hearts and make sure we are glorifying Jesus in all we do. 

"And #3 -  We pray these songs minister to you on a personal level. These lyrics are about struggles, addictions, doubt, fear, victory, faith. Songs for the sinner, songs for the saints. Wherever you are in the mix of it all, our desire is that you feel the Holy Spirit strike a chord in your heart and you come to know Jesus in a brand new way!"

Listen to Strike A Chord HERE


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