Brazilian Gospel Singer, Pedro Henrique, Dies After a Massive Heart Attack

Pedro Henrique

Pedro Henrique, a Brazilian gospel singer, collapsed and died while performing on stage Wednesday. He was 30 years-old. Henrique's record label, Todah Music, told Radio 93 that the singer had suffered a massive heart attack.  

Henrique was performing at a religious event in the city of Feira de Santana in Brazil where he can be seen on the edge of the stage passionately singing his song "Vai Ser Tão Lindo" to the crowd.  

He then holds his microphone in the air urging the crowd to sing along, and, as he brings the mic back to his mouth, he suddenly loses his balance, falls backward and slumps onto his back in front of his band.

His support team and production personnel were quick to rush to the singer's aid, with the crowd left to watch in horror before Henrique was whisked away to a nearby medical clinic where he was pronounced dead. 

Following his death, Henrique's record label, Todah Music, shared a touching tribute to the singer.

"Pedro was a happy young man, a friend to everyone," the post in Portuguese read in part, with the label adding that Henrique was a "present husband and super dedicated father."

"The songs in your voice will not die and your legacy will remain through your wife, your little daughter Zoe and so many lives that were and will be reached by Christ through the records of your voice!" the post continued.

"We have rejoiced so many times together, and now we weep with those who weep. The Christian music segment is in mourning. The Todah Music family is in mourning."

"See you soon dear brother!!! See you soon!" the post concluded.

Henrique is survived by his wife, Suillan Barreto, and their baby daughter, Zoe. According to a post announcing Zoe's birth on Henrique's Instagram, the little one will turn 2 months old on Tuesday.

Per Billboard Brasil, Henrique's burial and wake will take place in the city of Porto Seguro, where the star was born. The singer lived in Guarulhos, São Paulo.


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