Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Sydney McLaughlin Opens Up About Turning Fear into Faith

Sydney McLaughlin

What fears are standing in your way or holding you back? How do you want to become stronger? Olympic and World champion hurdler Sydney McLaughlin wants to help you answer these questions as she shares her personal story of struggles and victories, of faith and transformation.

On January 30, two-time Olympic gold medalist and world record-holding American sprinter and hurdler Sydney McLaughlin will release her new book, Far Beyond Gold: Running from Fear to Faith, via Thomas Nelson. 

McLaughlin knows about facing down obstacles. She has mastered not only racing over hurdles on the track but also tackling challenges in her personal life-from lifelong battles with perfectionism and anxiety to persistent questions about her identity and whether she was "enough."

Her pursuit of perfection and people-pleasing continued for years until God broke into her story with his overwhelming grace, transforming love, and empowering truth.

In Far Beyond Gold, Sydney will share aspects of her life story and personhood she has never shared publicly before, offering a more complex picture of who she is. She will inspire you to:

  • Conquer your fears in Christ's strength
  • Stand strong in your identity in him
  • Push past your perceived limits
  • Overcome the challenges you're facing

Experience the story of a woman who shifted from anxiety to boldness, from limits to freedom, and from perfectionism to purpose-and now shows the world that often what we think is impossible is possible with God.




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