Dan Damon Merges Jazz & Gospel With "Look At The Light"

Dan Damon

International hymn stalwart Dan Damon gives worship a fresh sound in his new album "Look At The Light," merging jazz and gospel tones in a call to love our neighbor.

"Look at The Light explores the edges of our spoken and sung faith, giving the church beautiful theological language that speaks to our current time," said Dan.

"As a pastor and a writer I look for ways to lift up the voice of those who have been ignored or denied their place in this world. People in need inspire me to write. I try to offer help, hope, and home to those who may be feeling friendless." Dan also draws on biblical stories and the Psalms to express his personal faith in God.

In an effortless blend of theology and artistry, the Dan Damon Quartet with Sheilani Alix delight listeners with tracks like Bathed in Grace, For Everyone Born, and Blessed Are You.
An ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church and Fellow of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, Dan (now retired) has published more than 400 hymns and twelve albums. His work is sung regularly in congregations across the globe.

Most recently, Dan appeared on UTR Media's playlist for Best Christmas Songs, and's Songs for Epiphany. Dan's current creative projects include a new Christmas album and a memoir that explores doubt as a creative part of faith.

Listen to "Look At the Light" HERE.


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